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If you want to be, are or support entrepreneurs,
The Guild is for you.

Being an entrepreneur is tough.

We are often in situations where we don't know what to do and we struggle to even know what to Google or who to ask.

We need to support each other.

We believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful force for positive change. To increase the chances of successfully making this change we need help which is best when it comes from fellow entrepreneurs.

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So, What is
The Guild of Entrepreneurs?

We are an independent, lean organisation that exists for the sole purpose of supporting entrepreneurs.


All our financial information is open and available to everyone.


We are bootstrapped and self-sufficient.


We don't have a central HQ, we are everywhere and nowhere. We operate on a democratic/decentralised decision making model.


We are a community of entrepreneurs, who are committed to building a deeply supportive entrepreneurial network.

Here's How We Work


It’s Ours

As we build this community together, we have the opportunity to create and share valuable content, deeper conversations, and online events.


We Bring Content And Community Together

Together, we will create new, fresh ideas and best practices that you can implement into your venture.


Meet Others

Entrepreneurship is lonely. You are venturing out and doing something most people don't understand. We get it. We are here to help each other.

Benefits and Features

Learning Scene


Learn from like-minded entrepreneurs with their own unique insights and stories. Grow your business through actionable advice and support.

Study Scene


Grow your network of like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors that you can support and call on for advice.

Brainstorm Scene


Start collaborating with other members so you can get your ideas off the ground faster.

Meet Our Members

Here's what our members have to say.

The Guild has been instrumental in moving emu-health forward on a positive trajectory. The education, networking opportunities, and accountability have been a way to keep us on track, which has been a key to us securing funding. The biggest catalyst for change for me personally has been the Guild Gather sessions - totally changed the way I operate! Thank you!

Leigh Sherry
Founder of DeskCoach

Having a place to network with those within the startup ecosystem is essential to a startups success, and even more, founder support. The guild is the place where founder find other founders, and companies find their feet.

Gemma Colbran
Founder of dARTbase

The Guild of Entrepreneurs offers a unique proposition; peer to peer sharing of innovative ideas, experience and expertise within a supportive community of like minded individuals focused on collaboration not self promotion.

Bruce Tulloch
Founder of BitScope

The Guild of Entrepreneurs is an amazing community of like-minded founders, industry experts, and passionate mentors who collaborate to build the startup ecosystem like no other. The Guild has allowed us to build our brand awareness and new business opportunities, as well as meeting so many incredible founders!

Elizabeth Van Rooyen
Founder of Diligr

As a first time founder, I am often facing new situations and challenges. The Guild of Entrepreneurs library and community is like a secret weapon, with a tonne of useful resources and advice all in one place!

Billie Trinder
Founder of Remindly

The Guild to me is like the X-men or Sense8 - we all have a special powers and we come together to help each other out when needed. I enjoyed connecting with like minded individuals who also wanting to be the change they would like to see.

Chris K O
Founder of Upzeez
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How to Join

Membership is free. The Guild of Entrepreneurs is a community for entrepreneurs that provides the tools, resources, and connections we all need in order to succeed.

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